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Roger Lemke Auctioneering

What is an Auction?

The public sale of real property - residential or commercial - by escalating competitive bidding between interested parties with all proceedings mediated by a licensed auctioneer practitioner.

Why Sell at Auction?

Auctions create a sense of urgency and encourages competition between all parties wishing to purchase the property.

The more bidders the more chance of a higher price. Furthermore, there is a deadline and it must be bought unconditionally.

Auctions also guarantee a no cooling off period, provide a no finance clause restriction an if potential purchases require a building and pest inspection, it must be done prior to the auction date.

All great selling points for your client.

For the agent, selling a property under the hammer is a great advertisement for your brand.

You achieve an immediate result and when a good price is achieved through a competitive bidding process, people leave talking about what a great result it was. 

A successful auction is a valuable marketing tool for your agency.


Why discuss your vendors property and auction plan with Roger Lemke

Roger Lemke is one of the Mornington Peninsula’s most experienced and respected real estate auctioneers.

With a history of successful auction outcomes across the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne’s southern beachside suburbs for more than 10 years, Roger has the acumen, aptitude and a comprehensive knowledge of the market together with outstanding negotiation abilities essential in bringing the entire auction process to a successful conclusion.  

Roger’s highly developed skills provide a level of experience unmatched in the market and are sure to provide you and importantly your vendors, with the auction day result they expect.